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For twenty-three years straight, DISK, Student Union of Department of Computer and Science, Stockholm University, is arranging its own career fair, Systemvetardagen. Systemvetardagen is a meeting point between students and organisations within the IT field. The visitors consist of students primarily from Stockholm University (Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV)Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)Uppsala University and Linköping University. During the career fair students and business connect valuable contacts with each other. Näringslivssektionen (NärS) is the business section of DISK, also the main responsible for organizing this event.

NärS is the business section of the Student Union DISK. NärS works actively to help IT students at Stockholm University to get into contact with the industry and prepare a network for the future. Systemvetardagen is the largest project by the chapter and the preparation is carried out during the whole year. Additional projects organized by NärS are customized company meetup events, inspirational lectures and other fun activities with the students. 

Student Union DISK is a student organisation presented by students and is there for the students. A number of chapters constitute the union that deals with, among other things, study monitoring, students social activities and connection with the business. DISK works for all student members and commits itself to being an outstanding partnership forum for DSV students. The union has approximately 1000 members today.

DSV’s nearly 5 100 students make it the largest department at Stockholm University. With a close relationship to society and one of the world’s greatest ICT-clusters, well-established infrastructure and stable financial base, DSV has the best conditions to engage in both Swedish and international education as well as research. Education at DSV

Students working with Systemvetardagen

There are over a hundred students engaged in Systemvetardagen 2019, in order to make the upcoming event better than ever! The students are divided into diverse groups, such as marketing, design, logistics, communication, event and IT. Each group has a dedicated group leader. If you would like to become a project member, drop an email to

Project Manager – Lina Johansson
Project Administrator – Malin Engström 
Project Administrator – Fredrik Nyblom 

Project managers and group managers

Top row from the left: Anna Andersson, Fredrik Nyblom, Andreas Ährlund-Richter & Lina Johansson.

Middle row from the left raden från vänster: Claes Jilert, Malin Engberg, Julius Stjernman, Fenni Johansson & Ines Brenner-Bajic.

Bottom row from the left: Paria Karim & Alice Watson.

The teams