Why should I visit Systemvetardagen?

Systemvetardagen is a fantastic meeting point for students and organisations in the IT industry. It gives an unique possibility for students to get connections with representatives from business and organisations.
For exhibitors it's a great opportunity to meet IT-students who may become future colleagues.

Am I welcome even though I don't study at DSV?

All students are welcome!

When is Systemvetardagen?

The exhibition is March 6th 2019 between 10AM and 4PM.

How do I get to DSV?

The easiest way to get to DSV is by metro to Kista. From there it's a 5 minute walk. For a more detailed description by metro, train or car - click here!

Which companies will be there?

Updated information about exhibitors for 2019 will come shortly. Exhibiting companies from 2018 can be found in last years catalogue.

Is there an opportunity to gain any extra contact with the companies?

Before Systemvetardagen you'll be able to sign up for contact meets with different companies, this will be done through Studentnodes resume portal.
More information about this and how to apply will come shortly.

How many companies will exhibit at Systemvetardagen?

54 companies will exhibit at the job fair 2019!

How long has Systemvetardagen been running?

The first Systemvetardagen was held in 1997.

Is there a schedule for the day/how do I get it?

Schedule for the company presentations that will be held throughout the day will be posted on-site, and also in the Systemvetardagen catalogue that will be distributed the days leading up to the event.

Will there be a cloakroom service/does it cost anything?

There will be a free cloakroom service located in the exhibition hall.

Can you hashtag the event in social media? What is the hashtag?

Of course! #systemvetardagen2019

Do you have any other questions? Contact us for more information!