For students

Whether you’re in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of your education, you have all the reasons to visit Systemvetardagen. During the day you get an oppurtunity to network with representatives from 54 companies, all interested in IT students. Take the chance to discuss choice of focus or topic of thesis with people in the business, or why not seize the oppurtunity and introduce yourself as a candidate for recruitment.

As a student on the fair, you get:

  • To meet potential employers and network within the industry.
  • Valuable industry information for your future career choice.
  • A possibility to attend individual conversations with companies of extra interest.
  • Goodiebags from the exhibiting companies.

Before Systemvetardagen you will be able to sign up for induvidual conversations  with different companies. This will happen through Studentnodes resume-portal.
More information about the induvidual conversations and how to sign up will be available later.

How to prepare

Think about what you want

Decide what you are looking for and prepare questions. This opens up opportunities for you to extract the important details of the conversations. You can find information about all the companies in the fair catalogue – read it!

Prepare a presentation

Be prepared to get interviewed directly at the fair. Think through what you want to say before the fair so you can introduce yourself shortly and interestingly. 

Many companies today manages their recruitment through LinkedIn today, so make sure your profile is as updated as your resume. If you connect with a company representant during the fair, you can ask for permission to add them to your LinkedIn for continued contact.

Welcome to mingle school with Student Node

Mingling and networking isn't always easy, especially at fairs were it can be overwhelming and stressful.
Many students feel that it's hard to know how to establish initial contact with the companies and present themselves.
But becoming a networking pro can be easy if it’s taught right, and we’re here to help you with that.
We welcome all students from DSV to attend a mingle class in collaboration with Student Node!
During the course of an hour Erik Sturesson, co-owner at Student Node, will be teaching you all you need to know to become a networking pro.
Take the opportunity to learn everything about networking before Systemvetardagen and the grand evening event after the fair.
All students from DSV are welcome. After the lecture we’ll practice our newly found skills together in Foo bar.
More information will be available shortly.

Date: 20/2 2019
Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM
Place: Lilla Hörsalen

Link to application will be available shortly.

Evening event

All students at DSV are invited to attend the Evening event at Restaurang Mynchen after the fair.
The Evening event is a great opportunity for students to network with company representatives and have a wonderful evening full of mingling opportunities and entertainment
Over one hundred representatives from the companies attending Systemvetardagen will be present during the evening. It’s a fantastic chance to build up a network and make connections for the future, especially for soon-to-be graduates. But of course, all students are invited, since it’s never too soon to make important connections.
Who knows? You might end up meeting your future employer.

Date: 6/3 2019
Time: 5:30PM – 2:00AM
Place: Restaurang Mynchen
Dresscode: Business Casual/Semiformal

Tickets will be available shortly.
If you have any questions, send an e-mail to