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  • 10AM - Fair opens

  • 11AM - Saab is holding a presentation, read more.

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    Saab is a global defence and security company operating in the fields of air, land and naval defence, civil security and commercial aeronautics. We number 15,500 employees and have operations on all continents. Technologically we are leaders in many areas, and one-fifth of our earnings are spent on research and development.
    Saab is also a company with opportunities. A company where we see diversity as an asset and where you have both considerable responsibility and good opportunities for advancing in your career. But also a company that respects each person’s needs for a rewarding life beyond work.

    The presentation is in Swedish.

  • 12PM - SEB is holding a presentation, read more.

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    Economics or IT? One does not cancel out the other! Many think that in the end of higher academics these two worlds are miles apart, that you have to choose a profession that you will then be stuck with, for the rest of your life. But that is not the case! A large bank is seldom associated with IT, new innovative techniques and ways of working. Yet SEB is one of Sweden’s largest IT employers.

    Come and listen to Mikaela Brinte and Björn Davidsson who will talk about their career choices after the trainee year. They will give you insight into what you can work with at a bank and what areas in IT are the hottest.

    The presentation is in Swedish.

  • 1PM - SÄPO is holding a presentation, read more.

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    The security situation in our part of the world has worsened and the threats against Sweden increase together with the digitalisation of society.
    Säkerhetspolisens mission is to protect the democratic system of Sweden, freedom and rights of its citizens and national security. It’s a complex mission and the rapid technological advancements make competency and knowledge within IT and technology more important than ever. IT and technology is a part of everything we do and to use the possibilities of technology to achieve our mission is today an expectation.

    Come and listen to how Säkerhetspolisen work for the safety of Sweden.

    The presentation is in Swedish.

  • 2PM - Tele2 is holding a presentation, read more.

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    Join Liam Salomonsson, lead architect for Digital & Channels Sweden, as he walks you through one of our most challenging and fun e-commerce projects in recent years. He will tell you about how we planned, designed and built a solution that saved us on our busiest day of the year.

    The presentation is in English.

  • 3PM - Vizrt is holding a presentation, read more.

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    Vizrt is a worldwide market leader in the areas of real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis and asset management tools for the media and entertainment industry. This includes interactive and virtual solutions, animations, maps, weather, story and video editing, compositing, and multiplatform VOD and live playout tools.
    Vizrt has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide and the list keeps growing each day. This is made possible by nearly 600 engaged and very competent employees in 40 offices around the world.

  • 4PM - Fair closes

For the twenty-fourth year in a row, Systemvetardagen is arranged, the Student Union DISKs’ own job fair day. During the day, valuable connections between students and bussiness are made. Systemvetardagen is simply a unique meeting place for students and organizations in the IT industry.

In 2020 Systemvetardagen will take place February 5, 10AM – 4PM in Kista NOD.

During Systemvetardagen 2020 there will be 54 interesting companies in the IT industry attending. The companies participating this year can be read about on the page about  the fair, and in the catalogue.

1500 students from some of Sweden’s leading IT- and communication faculties visits Systemvetardagen every year.

Systemvetardagen is arranged by the Business section (NärS), which is part of the Student Union DISK. Over a hundred students volunteer for Systemvetardagen.

Many thanks to our sponsors!