Scania’s culture is both pragmatic and ambitious. We want to drive real change and by harnessing the power of innovation, we are finding answers to some of our most urgent sustainability challenges, from urban mobility to climate change. At the same time, technologies such as electrification and automation are radically re-shaping our business, creating exciting new opportunities and business models.

Scania CV letar efter


  • Datavetenskap
  • Affärssystem och tjänstedesign
  • Data- och systemvetenskap
  • Ekonomi och IT
  • Digitala Medier
  • Interaktionsdesign
  • Datorspelsutveckling


  • Information Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Project Management
  • Strategic Information Systems Management
  • Data Science, Statistics and Decision Analysis
  • AI for Health
  • Design for Creative and Immersive Technology
  • Computer and Systems Sciences

Meriterande kunskaper

Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, C#, SQL, TypeScript, Scala, Kotlin, AWS, Azure.


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  • Examensarbete
  • Traineeprogram
  • Praktikplatser
  • Utlandstjänster