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The Russian Use of Malware in the Cyberwar Against Ukraine

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IT på Arbetsförmedlingen – inte vad du tror

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Ställ om världen med digitaliseringens kraft och fart! Men hur?

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Vad vi önskar att vi visste när vi sökte vårt första jobb efter studierna. Och rollen som konsult och vad den innebär hos oss på Cygni.


Finally back in action!

Did we know what we were getting into when in April 2022, we accepted our positions as project manager and coordinator? Absolutely not. Are we grateful for all the challenges and lessons we have learned along the way? Absolutely. Is this the most rewarding project we have worked on? Undoubtedly.\ \ This year's Systemvetardagen is characterized by one word: a fresh start. Since we took over the project management, we have started a long-awaited work to rebrand the fair, which we saw as a given after two years of a fair in a digital and hybrid format. Now we are finally back in action with a physical fair! The graphic profile has been changed, the exhibition floor looks different, and the website has been updated. We have questioned old structures and dared to think differently. At the same time, we have deepened meaningful collaborations to make the fair as lively as possible. This year we are laying a completely new foundation for future Systemvetardagar!\ \ We have also started the work to make the fair more environmentally conscious. The printed catalog has been replaced with a digital one. The large wall structures have been replaced with sound-absorbing mats. The lunch served to all those working on the fair and all those exhibiting during the day is vegan. Many small streams make a river and in a few years, the steps we take today will contribute to a better society.\ \ Driving a project of this caliber, with the scope and number of people involved, is an incredible challenge, and we are extremely proud of the work that everyone has done.\ \ We are incredibly happy to welcome over 50 companies to the NOD building on February 15th, and hope for many inspiring meetings.\ \ Warmly welcome to Systemvetardagen\ \ **Alex Littorin**\ Project Leader\ [LinkedIn]( \ \ **Josefin Lundgren**\ Project Coordinator\ [LinkedIn](

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Systemvetardagen 2024: from students, for students!

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Systemvetardagen is back! From the first day of this project, we have placed great emphasis on strong and sustainable group dynamics. It has truly been a game-changer for us.\ \ To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, each team has been assigned a deputy leader. This step has worked wonders for our workflow. A new system developed by our team, where companies can enter their information themselves, has greatly facilitated our process! And it doesn't stop there – we have also ramped up our marketing efforts to reach more people and have worked hand in hand with various sections of our student union DISK.\ \ Our focus has been on creating a fantastic event for both students and exhibitors. Systemvetardagen is not just a career fair – it's a chance for us to show what we can achieve together. We are a group of students with a wonderful mix of competencies, and we are ready to showcase them.\ \ So, mark the 21st of February in your calendars and come to NOD for an inspiring day. We look forward to welcoming all companies and hope for a day filled with fruitful conversations and new insights.\ \ And one last thing – leading a project of this size is not an easy challenge, but it was one we were willing to take on! It also requires a lot of coordination and commitment from many sides. A big thank you to all our team leaders, vice team leaders and team members, as well as to the sections that have been involved. Without your work and trust, this would not be possible. You are all heroes in this project!\ \ Warm welcome to Systemvetardagen 2024!\ \ **Giancarlo Valverde**\ Project Manager\ [LinkedIn](\ \ **Sofia Roos**\ Project Coordinator\ [LinkedIn](

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