We are one of Sweden's largest Tech organizations with over 2000 employees and together we develop the bank. Our way of conducting banking is based on trust and respect for the individual. You are given personal responsibility and trust to make decisions. We think that different experiences, knowledge and ways of solving problems contribute to diverse perspectives which helps us develop, together. The driving force behind all of Handelsbanken's technological growth is a desire for making a difference and bringing ideas, thoughts, and aspirations to life. We look forward to get to know you during the career interviews and to tell you more about the everyday life at Handelsbanken!

Handelsbanken is looking for

Bachelor Programmes

  • Computer science
  • Enterprise Systems and Service Design
  • Computer and System Sciences
  • Administration and Information Technology

Master Programmes

  • Information Security
  • Computer and Systems Sciences
  • Design for Creative and Immersive Technology
  • Strategic Information Systems Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Project Management


Java, Javascript, Python, Cobol, iOS & Android, PRG, .NET, Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Data Governance, Azure


  • Full time positions
  • Traineeprogram
  • Internships
  • Part-time positions