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Find your dream job!

Come to Systemvetardagen, one of the biggest job fairs in Sweden for students and employers in the IT-business!

February 15th, 2023, 10:00 - 16:00

Kista NOD, Borgarfjordsgatan 12

It is almost time!

For the 27th year in a row, Systemvetardagen is arranged at Stockholm University. It is the student union DISKs , from the Department of Data and Systems Science DSV, own job fair day. During the day, valuable contacts are made between students and the business community. Systemvetardagen is a unique meeting place for students & organizations in the IT industry.

Tips for those who participate

Before the fair

  • Update you CV and have it easily available so that you can give or send it to a company if you get asked for it.
  • Look through the catalog and make note of which companies you are interested in talking to.
  • Look into which company events you are interested in.

Now you’re well prepared for the fair!

During the fair

  • Use the fair map to find the companies that you are interested in.
  • Walk around on the fair floor and talk to the companies. They are there to come into contact with students, so take the opportunity!
  • Learn something new – During the day there will be company events in Aula NOD. Check out the schedule to see which events sound interesting to you!

Frequently asked questions

I don’t attend Stockholm university; can I still participate?

Yes, all students are welcome!

Does it cost me anything to participate?

No, it’s completely free for all students to attend the fair and its events.

Can I participate in the fair if I don't speak Swedish?

Absolutely! The website is offered in both Swedish and English, and the participating companies are happy to speak English.

Do I need to sign up to attend the fair?

No, you don't need to sign up to attend the fair or to go to the events in Aula NOD!

Old Catalog Placeholder

This year's catalog!

The catalog is here and now in digital and interactive form! In it you will find everything you need to know about the event, with information about our sponsors, exhibiting companies and much more!

Catalog 2023

Contact us

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